Seven Extra Paper Changing Tips

While writing an essay each sentence and idea complements the ones that came before. When forming an image for the reader or trying to hit home an argument, you have to be consistent with the structure and style.

Simple sentence-level mistakes can leave your essay weak and get the readers’ attention away from the main thesis idea and aim.

An essay writer edits to correct and make perfect the structure, the content, the style, and the logical flow in the essay, both on the sentence and paragraph level.

The use of cliche is only warranted when no other set of words creates the same effect — as long as it succeeds in communicating a message without blemishing the writer’s effort.

Overuse of metaphors, analogies, and similies

Metaphors, analogies, and similes are a great way to make the reader understand complex ideas. Though effective to explain an idea or two, overusing these tools can leave the reader in a confusing mess. Going from one scenario to another the essay central theme is bound to take a back seat.

Even if you can’t help but best explain an idea through a metaphor, for example, try to stick to one scenario rather than many, or try to find one that uses one scenario to explain many things.

Creating Evidence out of Source?

The source can be taken as raw material while the evidence as to the processed material. Scholars and individuals turn the sources into the evidence through critical thinking and performing analysis.

  1. Who is responsible for producing the source?
  2. Whenwas the source information created?
  3. Whywas this source produced?
  4. Whatdid it wish to accomplish? What was the intended audience?
  5. Howdoes this source fare alongside other sources?

Common practices in writing on topics of History

  • Always use the past tens

Since the events occurred in the past it is only logical to use the past tense in talking about them.

  • Be specific and avoid generalizations

Generalizations should be avoided altogether, especially when referring to an event in time. An essay on a topic of history should have its fair share of time and dates

  • Investigate the past without creating anachronisms

While it’s common and advisable to use the literary present tense while writing on fictional events, for history essays you should always use the past tense. Whether you are discussing a writer’s work or a historical event.

Argumentative Essay Structure


That will lead the reader to background information about the broader subject. The information will narrow down with each subsequent sentence, and once the information is communicated, the writer presents the main thesis statement.

The thesis statement will have the topic claim that will be either argued for or against, as well as a single sentence outline of the plan used to put forward the arguments. This plan will mention the various arguments supporting the main thesis claim

Body Paragraph

The body paragraph will have a minimum of three paragraphs, depending on the number of claims. Each paragraph addressing a claim will have the following;